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New JaFco Music Update 

Nation, it has been awhile since we last blogged. Hmmm, we suck. 

We are working on the next record. It is really coming along nicely. We have several tunes in the works and this new offering will be full of magical moments and we are eager to share it with you all. No word yet on the release date, but be on the lookout for updates and news as we work on it! 

For now, here is a little treat of Mac laying trax to a new tune!

No Man's Son - Live 

JaFco Nation,

Some of you may have already seen this live video of us at Ash St. a few years back. Little JaFco intel for you all, we actually recorded this song in the studio this year. It did not make the Entire Stripes Black album. What do you guys think of this tune? Should we release it as a single? Leave your comments!