JaFco is a catchy alternative pop/rock band formerly known as Echo Park based in Portland, Oregon. The band is mainly  focused on writing and performing their original brand of eclectic pop/rock music. However, they have been known to play select shows assaulting it's audience with a very large repetoire of cover tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.

All Things Sinatra!   

JaFco Nation,

It is no secret that we are all big fans of Frank Sinatra. In fact we always squeeze some Sinatra cover tunes in our sets. There is one song in particular that we really like. Wandering, originally released in 1966 on the album Cycles. We thought we would add some JaFco treatment with Jim Mckenzie on vocals and let you all hear it. Leave your comments below as we pay homage to the Chairman of the Board!
  1. Wandering- Sinatra Cover by JaFco

JaFco Trivia Blog - Breathing In  

JaFco Nation,

Our new song "Breathing In" was known by 2 titles before the final release of ESB. In it's infancy it was know by "Perfect Ruins" a title that McKenzie originally gave the tune. After we started putting it together (it took just one night) Doyle named it "Rocky Over". This title came about from spell check on his iPhone recorder when he tried to name it "Rocktober" for the month we wrote it. Doyle named it Breathing In because it fit the song better. Take a listen and give us your feedback. Knock knock, is there anybody out there?
  1. Breathing In

No Man's Son - Live 

JaFco Nation,

Some of you may have already seen this live video of us at Ash St. a few years back. Little JaFco intel for you all, we actually recorded this song in the studio this year. It did not make the Entire Stripes Black album. What do you guys think of this tune? Should we release it as a single? Leave your comments!

First Blog Post for new Jafco Website Launch! 

2016 started off with a big change for the band. After many years as Echo Park, we are now Jafco. Along with the new name, we have decided to launch a new website and social media extravaganza in order to stay in touch with our peeps. Make sure to sign up for announcements via our webpage and don't forget to like our new Facebook page too. (That is of course, if you really do. We are not twisting your arm....ok, yes we are...just do it! It will be fun!)

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