JaFco is a catchy alternative pop/rock band formerly known as Echo Park based in Portland, Oregon. The band is mainly  focused on writing and performing their original brand of eclectic pop/rock music. However, they have been known to play select shows assaulting it's audience with a very large repetoire of cover tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.

New JaFco Music Update 

Nation, it has been awhile since we last blogged. Hmmm, we suck. 

We are working on the next record. It is really coming along nicely. We have several tunes in the works and this new offering will be full of magical moments and we are eager to share it with you all. No word yet on the release date, but be on the lookout for updates and news as we work on it! 

For now, here is a little treat of Mac laying trax to a new tune!

Unsure- Last But Not Least! 

Dear JaFco Nation!

So often the last song on an album goes undiscovered. Well here is your opportunity to listen to the last song wrapping up the Entire Stripes Black album. Unsure sounds like a song off of Groove Gallery because it was originally written around the same time. We just brought it to life for the ESB record.

Check it out on our website or here on Sound Cloud!


Make Believe - CD Contest  Podcast

Hello JaFco Nation,

For this weeks blog post, we thought we would share a tune that didn't make it on the ESB record. But, we had played it live several times in 2015-2016. So here's the rub: Doyle wrote and sang the verse lyrics in French. If you can figure out what he is saying and post the lyrics in English in the comments section, we will send you a free signed Entire Stripes Black CD. Que la fête commence!

Contest ends April 15th, 2017!!!
  1. Make Believe

All Things Sinatra!   Podcast

JaFco Nation,

It is no secret that we are all big fans of Frank Sinatra. In fact we always squeeze some Sinatra cover tunes in our sets. There is one song in particular that we really like. Wandering, originally released in 1966 on the album Cycles. We thought we would add some JaFco treatment with Jim Mckenzie on vocals and let you all hear it. Leave your comments below as we pay homage to the Chairman of the Board!
  1. Wandering- Sinatra Cover by JaFco

JaFco Trivia Blog - Breathing In  Podcast

JaFco Nation,

Our new song "Breathing In" was known by 2 titles before the final release of ESB. In it's infancy it was know by "Perfect Ruins" a title that McKenzie originally gave the tune. After we started putting it together (it took just one night) Doyle named it "Rocky Over". This title came about from spell check on his iPhone recorder when he tried to name it "Rocktober" for the month we wrote it. Doyle named it Breathing In because it fit the song better. Take a listen and give us your feedback. Knock knock, is there anybody out there?
  1. Breathing In

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