JaFco is a catchy alternative pop/rock band formerly known as Echo Park based in Portland, Oregon. The band is mainly  focused on writing and performing their original brand of eclectic pop/rock music. However, they have been known to play select shows assaulting it's audience with a very large repetoire of cover tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.

Divorce and Bacon 

JaFco Nation, 

Well there you have it. Our new album title. Divorce and Bacon. Never mind that it may sound eerily similar to "The Force Awakens". Hmm, coincidence? Yeah, probably is. Here is the album cover for DNB. Starring our old stomping grounds in SE Portland. Look closely for bands we have been in and very cool Hawthorne landmarks! If all goes as planned (it usually doesn't) we should have the new record out later this year.

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JaFco Nation, 

What? Back to back blogs? Heck yeah! 

We wanted to share some of our past work that never saw the light of day. This song is called Doubt. We wrote it back in 2010. We even recorded a rough version in the studio when we were laying tracks for Entire Stripes Black in 2015. But yep you guessed it, didn't make the record. 

Enjoy this version of the tune from 2011. Enjoy. 

Easy to Smile  

Dear JaFco Nation, 

Keeping in the theme of original music, here is another tune from our past. Like If I Can't Have Her, this was a song written by Doyle prior to him joining up with us in 1988. We "Echo Parkized" it & recorded it on our original demo in 1988 and recorded it again for the Echo Park The Originals record in 2011 but it did not make the final cut. Enjoy an oldie but a goody. 

If I Can't Have Her  

Dear JaFco Nation, 

When we were recording Echo Park the Originals in 2010-11, we tracked several of our very first tunes together. This particular tune written by Jim Doyle before he joined Echo Park in 1988 became a favorite of ours. In fact we recorded a version of it on our first demo in 1988. This version of "If I Can't Have Her" was recorded in 2011 and was finalized in January of 2012. It did not make the record, but it is still one of favorites to play. Enjoy. 

New JaFco Music Update! 

JaFco Nation, 

We are hard at work on the new record and have a solid side 1 now. Those of you that remember LPs know what we are talking about! We have several dark horses in the running to round out the next album and are fine tuning those bad boys now. 

New JaFco Music Update 

Nation, it has been awhile since we last blogged. Hmmm, we suck. 

We are working on the next record. It is really coming along nicely. We have several tunes in the works and this new offering will be full of magical moments and we are eager to share it with you all. No word yet on the release date, but be on the lookout for updates and news as we work on it! 

For now, here is a little treat of Mac laying trax to a new tune!

Unsure- Last But Not Least! 

Dear JaFco Nation!

So often the last song on an album goes undiscovered. Well here is your opportunity to listen to the last song wrapping up the Entire Stripes Black album. Unsure sounds like a song off of Groove Gallery because it was originally written around the same time. We just brought it to life for the ESB record.

Check it out on our website or here on Sound Cloud!


Make Believe - CD Contest  

Hello JaFco Nation,

For this weeks blog post, we thought we would share a tune that didn't make it on the ESB record. But, we had played it live several times in 2015-2016. So here's the rub: Doyle wrote and sang the verse lyrics in French. If you can figure out what he is saying and post the lyrics in English in the comments section, we will send you a free signed Entire Stripes Black CD. Que la fête commence!

Contest ends April 15th, 2017!!!

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